SPACEADX – Earth Advertising Ecosystem(EAE) & SxDN (Space Display Network)

“Earth exists, ecosystem’s exists on earth.” – SPACEADX

There was a small company once upon a time.The founder took an office, designed website, booked board, table, chair and glass door.The business began with little or no success. The business model, worked in many cities. The hope was high, grass was wet, no advertising plan and they came down like a shot B-52. The horror can be felt in the bones, when the regular rental bill popped up in their inbox via a reminder in Iphone-iCal. The capital was drying up and the company was not able to make the bottom line.The final outcome “Shut down”.

They tried multiple options and finally they gave up & pulled the plug and drove away.

This is the lifecycle of a failed business and in most cases failed business do not make SALES or Create their BRAND.We checked this pattern and thought to make a change in advertising.


The business model was good, the area was good, the market was good, market had cash filled customers.They were shot down by market force dynamics.To keep the ship sailing and water worthy a key regular oil and other key ship operational aspects were neglected.In this post we will look at this force and how we defined the moving parts of Earth Advertising Ecosystem(EAE).Then in this post communicate our Big, Grand Vision of improving advertising ecosystem that gives returns, value, cash and intelligence to business & consumers.

SPACEADX & Valour 

SPACEADX brand is a classy, rich, healthy, handsome young man.

We are in the process of building our Brand Story.We invite all people on planet earth to socialise, live, earn and have fun on our budding platform.This journey has many joy rides, new ways of doing old things, having time for oneself, living & giving to planet earth & humanity.

Enemy at the gates, vasily zaytsev is the closest representation how we vision to execute our mission. Enjoy this short clip with fresh coffee or water/juice.

Leonardo once tried to create a large horse made of bronze using a unique casting method. He created a clay replica of the statue and displayed it in the most expansive square of Milan.It was gigantic, the size of a large building.Instead of making separate parts of the horse and assembling together.Why not cast the mould as one seamless piece (using an unusual mix of materials he had constructed) and cast as a whole, this will give a real, stunning, organic, real, natural appearance. Before he could start the casting war broke out and it never got casted.

In a similar sense SPACEADX vision is sketched and shared as Press Release 05172017A, hoping that we will be able to make the vision a reality.

Leonardo's horse in milan bronze spaceadx

Leonardo’s bronze horse in Milan


Advertising search engine. SPACEADX


“Advertising search engine for earth & beyond.”

Lets break it down to it’s single parts, word by word.

Search Engine: a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web. –

earth & beyond: Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. Earth has space & outside earth “space” exists.

Advertising: the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

“her father was in advertising”
  • advertisements collectively.
    “despite being instructed to take the signs down, he says he has no intention of removing the advertising”

SPACEADX platform is one stop solution for business for their advertising campaign management solutions, unified advertising logistics & product/service research consulting services.The earth advertising ecosystem (EAE) is getting equipped to address the needs of business and brand lovers/ad consumers.SPACEADX SxDN (Space Display Network) is crafted to give transparency, value for money, pin point accurate data, relevant analytics and research capabilities.

SxDN (Space Display Network) has unique benefits from old way’s of executing advertising campaigns. Our network is referred as SPACEADX SPACE DISPLAY NETWORK abbreviated as SxDN. Will explore more on it, and illustrate in the upcoming blog post and press release’s.

Four Pillars of advertising ecosystem

After a keen market study of adverting SPACEADX mapped the pillars. In this post let’s just define the four pillars.

  1. SPACE – In advertising “space” is constant. From the first ad in history to todays blog post, tv ads or any kind of modern ads there is some kind of “space”. With space comes “spacehost” the person or team/group of people owning or managing the “space”.
  2. Business – The business are of four kinds based on the size & span. One person business, small business, medium business & large business.
  3. Brand Lover / Ad consumer – People or public are the brand lovers
  4. Agency – The associated and creative service providers will fall under agency.

We will explain more about these four pillars & also share more details on SxDN (Space Display Network). Do follow to know more.