Finally Launch Day – few memorable weeks in the life of a tech startup

Few words “Launch day” “D-day” “Beach-head” sound’s catchy from Hollywood war movies notably from Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg.Most of us have seen these movies and we can learn and co-relate few things from the Startup world.

Note: Yeah, this is clear that there is no bloodshed when we launch a new startup like the D-day portrayed in Saving Private Ryan.However few key scenerios are similar.

Timing is everything

The product/service launch day for a startup is fluid.How much ever team pushes hard there will be situation in which the GO LIVE days will move ahead.The reasons could be many, few highlights below.

  1. Technology team: The main guy, the tech architect, the module lead, the code jammer will be unavailable and whole work is halted.The team is not component enough to solve the problem.
  2. Capital: Cash crunch glooms in as the launch dates comes closer.By this time the Startup would have consumed majority of the seed capital.In most cases the seed capital will be bootstrapped or borrowed from family/friends or in some rare cases would have got angel investor backing it up.
  3. Registration: There are few challenges in this space, we should say it’s not few there are many challenges in this space.If the vision of the founders is to create a global company with operations and offices in major cities then there will be multiple rounds of meeting with legal firms globally and even local legal firms.The recommendation in this area is to stick local may be not register in a foreign city/location considering tax benefit and other perks.The point is SIMPLE if tax is the only consideration then it may not be a major thing to break the head.Tax is collected by a government only if the business is operated in that region.Hence if you are operating in London let’s say then British government is entitled to collect tax from you.If you are registered in London and do business in USA, then your company is legible to pay taxes in both places.There may be few loop holes existing and there are and will be organization/business/people to take advantage of these rules and keep a good amount of percentage of the revenues to themselves after deducting OPEX cost & various taxes.
  4. Prepaid customers: Getting a prepaid customer is rare, however the founder should expand his network to gain a few.This supports the idea and validates the business problem the startup is trying to solve. Understand the fact that if you as founder will present the idea in-front of people, people most cases will appreciate it and will support you.Now turn the table and ask cool, will you write a cheque for the product/service.Will you buy the service and they will say yes, why not.But they will not buy it right away.So find a person/business who is willing to buy your service early on.
  5. Brand & Logo: The logo needs a revamp, the vision is shifted may be a founder at ideation stage pulls the plug out and now you as the person taking the brand ahead needs to change the whole theme of the brand, a new logo a new color codes. To solve this connect within your network and gain few hands to make your logo. We did it by posting a request in our MBA alumni network and fetching a good strong designer to take up the work.
  6. Content is King & your king does not even own a horse: The king is weak, no proper direction, what to write, what to share all these things will prop your mind.Keep calm just share your thoughts in plain english and let the world react, if they care they will say something else it will drown in the deep sea of content competition and may get few hits unknowing by some person sitting in some remote corner of the world and when he/she looks at the page will JUST Cancel it. Do not loose hope, try to create something worthwhile for a particular set of user groups.Don’t try to satisfy the whole world even GOD has given up and the results are evident on earth.We see unequal growth and development and the gap between the have and have not is widening at an astonishing rate.Anyways coming back from spirituality to reality of daily life and associated chaos.
  7. Right Network: Getting to the right party and hanging out with right set of people will either take you forward or take you backward, just leave it to LUCK. But don’t stop trying and starting an OPEN Conversation.
  8. Team Discipline: This one is big one in the list, if this is not in place even world’s best tech team will not be able to build a great solution.
  9. Culture: The founder and Ceo are the culture of the startup. The way they work, they think sets the culture in the Organization.
  10. Luck: It is one of the most important part of the plan, being lucky is nice, however all can’t say that.

Coincidences are there if only we OBSERVE, the featured image has six people and to our surprise SPACEADX Bangalore, team has exactly six people. Anyways, we are still doing last week fixes, testing the Advertising Platform in private beta.

What’s in SPACEADX Platform v1.0

SPACEADX, for Business (Partial list, high level only)

  1. Free Business account
  2. Book advertising campaign
  3. GPS, Map based advertising campaign
  4. Creative advertising campaign
  5. Traditional vs. new innovative advertising campaign
  6. Advertising starting from budgets of INR 10,000 to INR Cr. budget

SPACEADX, for Spacehost (Partial list, high level only)

What is Spacehost in SPACEADX platform: A person/group/company who owns/posses approved ad space that could be used in designing/crafting any advertising campaign.

  1. List your space
  2. Rent out the approved ad space
  3. Track the booking
  4. Earn extra monthly income

SPACEDX for Business launch date: It will be live in few weeks.