Advertising + Tech = Global Agency 

SPACEADX is a Global Adtech Company focused in developing engaging ad campaigns for business using our systems/software nourishing the advertising ECOSYSTEM.


World’s earliest printed Ad

Bronze plate for printing an advertisement for the Liu 
family needle shop at Jinan, Song dynasty China.

It is considered the world's earliest identified
printed advertising medium.


Win-Win Advertising Services

Win-Win Advertising Services

Your professional partner for building your “BRAND” & helping you get data, insights about your current & potential customers in chosen geography.

We create ad campaigns that sustains, lives, empowers, opens up people to communicate for Your Business Value creation.

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Sponsored events | College fest | Bus & truck’s | Outdoor Billboards | Hot air balloons | Sail boat ads | Airline/Airport  | Window  | Wall | Train | Radio | Television | Digital | Newspaper | Magazines | Mobile apps | Restaurants | Cinema 

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Cities where we are operate are termed as “SPACEADX Cities” a big & small dream. Bangalore is choice of our launch as we prefer to go local first & then transform Global.

Launch City: Bangalore

Upcoming cities: London | New York | Paris | Cork | Shenzhen | Hamburg | Seoul | Goa | Tokyo


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Restaurant Ad Campaign

These restaurant advertising campaign’s are designed & crafted for maximum brand advantage.The ad consumer interactions are studied and brand messages are carefully placed.This generates an impressive brand image & associated benefits.

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Events/College fest

Events/College fest

Our exclusive collaborative network can give your brand access to advertise in premier exclusive events & college fest’s.Based on your target audience we curate the advertising campaigns.

Connect to advertise your brand in exclusive events / college / universities.